Windows Phone Live and Photo syncing information

The screenshot above shows you how the Windows Phone Live services looks like when used with the Samsung Taylor development handset.As you can see it isn’t much different from what is currently available with MyPhone on Windows Mobile 6.X the only major difference being that everything is now free of charge. OneNote files will be automatically synced to the Skydrive (see the screenshot here) and Office Docs will also be able to be automatically synced but only with a SharePoint serve (manual syncing can still be done via the Windows Phone Live / MyPhone service).

The other great news is that users will be able to upload pictures to their Windows Phone 7 devices without having to compress them (unlike the iPhone where you don’t have any choice and all pictures uploaded to the deviceare automatically compressed to speed up the navigation). Three choices will be offered to you: Original, Default for this Device and 640×480.

Source: PCMAG