About Live Sync on Windows Phone 7

There’s been a lot of confusion this weekend after Neowin post about Live Sync on Windows Phone 7. First off, the lack of Live Sync (formerly known as Live Mesh) support on Windows Phone 7 has been known since the Windows Live Essential /Wave 4 beta release on June 23rd. Secondly, Live Sync has nothing to do with the Windows Phone Live services (formerly known as MyPhone) announced last week.

Live Sync is a separate services that enables user to synchronize (manually or automatically) up-to 2Gb of documents and files across several Desktop PCs, while Windows Phone Live gives users the ability to manually sync contacts, sms, mails and Photos, Office and OneNote Documents, Videos to a 25Gb Skydrive. The lack of Live Sync on Windows Phone 7 shouldn’t come as a surprise at all given the current lack of centralized file explorer in the OS. Users can only access photos, videos, music, Office documents and mails on WP7 (every other file type is hidden and non accessible) and those are all taken care off by Windows Phone Live so the only advantage that Live Sync would have over Windows Phone Live’s syncing is real-time/automatic synchronization (and even this is already taken care off in the Office Hub with OneNote and SharePoint Office files which are automatically synced every time they are accessed).  Live Sync will come later on WP7 but there are more important things to do before..(Copy/paste…).