LG Panther GW910 hands on videos

Not much to post about today folks (yeah I’m not going to waste time talking about Apple’s iPhone 4 antenna issues or give anymore coverage to that stupid anti-Windows Phone 7 post at InfoWorld, writing a long answer to it 2 days later is as much link-bait as his original piece, just let it die folks). Anyway, here are 2 short hands-on videos of the LG Panther / GW910 in action from Russia. The Windows Phone 7 build used isn’t the fastest around (in the first vid only strangely) but it gives you an idea of how things are looking like now. As I said earlier this week after my hands-on with it; the Samsung Taylor I had in hand had a screaming fast build that rivaled the speed of Emulator but the LG Panther had another that wasn’t a snappy. Check them out after the break:

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