Coding for the iPhone vs Windows Phone 7

Microsoft MVP Don Burnette has wrapped a  presentation comparing the iPhone coding experience versus the Windows Phone 7 development environment.

My thoughts on iPhone coding a master-detail set of two views on iPhone versus Windows Phone 7 and why the designer-developer story is better with the Microsoft toolset thanks to Expression Blend and the C# language.. This is just an opinion piece, but realize I am not a newbie at either platform. I was using Interface Builder on NeXT boxes in 1993-1994 and unfortunately in my opinion not enough has changed, to put real design into the hands of the iPhone coder..

Check out the full presentation below:

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Samsung Vibrant on sale now

The Motorola Droid X isn’t the only flagship Android handset hit the retail stores today. If you are on T-Mobile and wish to get you hands-on of the most powerful Android handset on the market, to days is your lucky day. T-Mobile is now selling the Samsung Vibrant aka Samsung Galaxy S for $199.99 with 2 year contract. The Vibrant is basically a re-branded Galaxy S so if you want to know more about it just hit up the Galaxy S posts below.

Source: T-Mobile

Motorola Droid X finally available today alongside TV spot

If you weren’t lucky enough to receive one of the early Droid X shipped last week; today is you chance to finally get your hands on Motorola’s latest and greatest android smartphone. The Droid X is now available on Verizon‘s website for £199 with a 2 year contract or $269 with a 1 year Contract. Motorola has also launched a TV advertising campaign last night with a tv spot that you can watch after the break:

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Microsoft confirms that everything is done to get developers to support Windows Phone 7

Microsoft’s Senior Director Todd Brix has told Bloomberg today that the company is providing financial incentives ranging from free tools and test handsets to funds for software development and marketing to developers to build Windows Phone 7 applications. Microsoft is in some cases providing revenue guarantees.

“We are investing a lot to attract developers big and small to Windows Phone 7 to let them understand what the opportunity is and provide as many resources as we can to help them be successful on our platform,” Brix said. “We’re open for business and we want to work with them.”

It seems that the majority of the commenters and bloggers are getting things twisted a little bit here. Nowhere did Microsoft confirm that they are “throwing loads of cash” at iPhone devs to switch to Windows Phone 7 like it has been rumored before. People need to understand that this is called developer relation and that it has always excited on the console market (MS is doing exactly the same thing with XBOX for example) and any other Software sector. One thing you have to realise is that applications like the official Facebook app for Windows Mobile and Zune HD or the Twitter application for the Zune HD aren’t even developed by MS! They are develop by a software company named MatchBox who also develops Symbian, Android and Brew applications. Microsoft isn’t making it rain on iPhone devs folks, this is just standard dev rel.

Source: Bloomberg