Windows Phone 7 MultiTouch Behavior controls updated

Laurent Bugnion has just announced an upcoming (tonight) update to his MultiTouch behavior control for Windows Phone 7. This new update is meant to work with the newly released Beta Windows Phone 7 developer tools. He as also posted to new videos that you can watch after the break:

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Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools BETA SDK released


This came out faster than I expected. Just a few hours ago I was giving you the scoop on the upcoming release of the Beta version of the Windows Phone 7 SDK / Developer tools and they are not available for download. Similar to what I said earlier Microsoft is also announcing that they will start shipping developer handsets to select ISVs starting Monday 19th and provide local Microsoft DPE/teams a couple of devices so developers can use them directly at Microsoft’s offices. The next batch of devices is expected to ship later this August. Here are the new features and improvements included in the Beta version of the SDK:

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Windows Phone 7 live from the Microsoft Campus

I had the chance to go  to the Microsoft Campus a few hours ago to play a bit with Windows Phone 7 and gather some new info about the much anticipated OS.  The session started with a presentation by the Tequila Rapido Team who discussed the Metro UI and the design process of building WP7 applications with SketchFlow. They’ve also unveiled a new Windows Phone 7 application dedicated to the french horse channel Equidia (sorry for the picture quality below). I highly suggest that you take a look at their Renault Rent application and SketchFlow video.

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Windows Phone 7 XNA development webcast hosted by AT&T this week

AT&T is going to host a webcast session dedicated to XNA development on the Windows Phone 7 platform on July 15th. Everybody can watch it (you’ll just have to register on the developer site) and have a chance to win an AT&T smartphone (WP7?):

Join The AT&T Developer Program for this free webcast to learn an overview of how to build games for Windows Phone 7 with Microsoft XNA Game Studio 4. Learn about the developer tools, the XNA Framework, and the resources available to build interactive, compelling, games with Windows Phone 7.

Rob Cameron
Industry Architect, Microsoft

Rob Cameron is an Industry Architect with the Communications Sector in Microsoft focused on Windows Phone 7, Silverlight, XNA, embedded and Mediaroom. Rob has worked with the product team since October to help customer and partner early adopters get ready for Windows Phone 7.

Source: AT&T