First Windows Phone 7 developer handsets handed out

Microsoft has just announced that all ImagineCup Finalists (400!) will receive a Windows Phone 7 developer handset today (update:Microsoft has just clarified the situation: only two devices were handed out today and the rest of the finalists will get a retail device this fall). The frist ones have already been handed out to the winning team who developed Beastware . As you can see in the picture above the device is the Samsung Taylor prototype we have already seen many times before (my hands-on can be seen here).

Source: Twitter 1, 2

HTC talks Windows Phone 7

PocketLint had the chance to chat with HTC‘s PR Eric Lin about the company’s Windows Phone 7 plans last week during Qualcomm’s UpLinq event in Sand Diego. Unfortunately nothing really new came out of it and it definitely looks (IMO) like HTC is kinda out of the loop when it come to WP7 development compared to Samsung and LG. As I’ve said many times before the OEM that has the most to loose with Microsoft’s new mobile OS is HTC because of the customization restrictions. Check some quotes after the break:

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New HTML5 YouTube Mobile site launched

The Google team has updated the mobile version of YouTube today with a new site featuring an HTML5 enabled interface. Contrary to the majority I not going to hype this thing up as if it was the second coming of the Christ just because it uses HTML5 for the UI and because if bypasses Apple‘s stupid “3G = Crappy quality video” restriction in the native YouTube application. You heard that right folks! Everybody’s going gaga over this thing because the iPhone can now playback good quality YouTube videos over 3G…just like Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian phones with their native YouTube application…meh. The new UI is a nice touch but nothing mind blowing at all (and MS is screwed once again here because of the lack of HTML5 support in IE Mobile)…And just to be clear, the video aren’t in HTML5, only the UI. Check the video demo after the break:

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