HTC Mozart and HTC Mondrian user agents confirms that Windows phone 7 is on board

Nothing really amazing here but the HTC Mozart and HTC Mondrian user agent strings confirm that both devices are running Windows Phone 7 (both User Agent are identical which could confirm that both device are actually the same but branded for different mobile operators). The mysterious LG C900 and LG E900 I posted about a while ago also shows Internet Explorer Mobile 7 as being the default browser on the devices.

Source: HTC Mozart, HTC Mondrian via ConFlipper

HTC Schubert Windows Phone 7 handset launching November 17th on T-Mobile

After yesterday’s rumored HTC Gold UK launch date comes the HTC Schubert which will supposedly launch on T-Mobile US on November 17th according to a leaked roadmap. As I said yesterday, the HTC Schubert is probably the same device as the HTC Mondrian, Gold, Mozart etc… Interestingly it also looks like LG may have its LG Panther / GW910 Windows Phone 7 handset out around the same time as you can see in the leaked roadmap pictured above where there is non-Android LG handset launching in November to…

Source: AndroidSpin

Android 2.2 vs iPhone 4: Browser performance

I’m going to spoil the surprise let you know straight up that the Nexus One is indeed faster than the iPhone 4 at loading web pages according to a quick comparison done by Engadget. The only time the iPhone 4 loaded faster was when the Flash 10.1 plugin was enabled on the Nexus One. Either way the difference bin speed between the two handsets is marginal at best and doesn’t affect the user experience at all IMO. Check out both video after the break:

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HTC Gold Windows Phone 7 phone rumored to launch in Europe this November

HTC Mondrian mock up extracted from ROM

File this under the rumor category: According to online retailer Omio the HTC Gold Windows Phone 7 handset we heard about a few weeks ago is scheduled to launch in November in the UK. One thing to remember is that  HTC’s CEO Peter Chou revealed a little while ago that only one HTC Windows Phone 7 was planned for 2010. so you shouldn’t be surprised if the HTC Gold is the same device as the HTC Mondrian, HTC Schubert, HTC Mozart and HTC Spark. The company has the habit of giving one handset a different codename depending on the mobile operator and country.

Source: Omio thanks for the heads up Momo

Motorola Droid X shipping early

A bunch of lucky Verizon users have just received their Motorola Droid X a full week before the official street day. The situation doesn’t seem to be really widespread so don’t get your hopes if you have ordered yours not long ago. The latest theory is that the lucky few are customers who originally ordered an HTC Incredible and later switched to a Droid X. So Verizon is apparently rewarding the patience with an early delivery.

Source: DroidLife