The Defence of Lushington Springs Windows Phone 7 XNA game

One more Windows Phone 7 game has been unveiled for your own viewing pleasure today. The Defence of Lushington Springs is a Tower Defense game developed using the XNA framework and currently runs quite well in the WP7 emulator as you can see in the video below. The game is obviously is still in an early stage of development but already sounds promising:

The Defence of Lushington Springs is my first game aimed for Windows Phone 7. It is still early days, but the levels are already functioning quite well.

None of the art assets are ready yet (maps, towers and units) and I stil have to decide exactly which towers to have. I have a content pipeline importer which makes importing towers trivial, so hopefully it shouldn’t take too long, and then it will be a case of balancing the units and towers. I also plan on having 12 units in the game (only 4 in the video). I still need to implement the tower bases and tops, which rotate around to face their current target.

As you would expect the game runs well in the WP7 emulator, but unfortunately the emu doesn’t work with fraps, so this is a windows build. It is possible to play through the entire game with touch screen only, with the external phone buttons (vol etc.) controlling the main menu interface.

Source: XNABits