Windows Phone 7 MultiTouch Behavior

Microsoft MVP Laurent Bugnion from has just posted 2 videos (after the break) of his MultiTouch Behavior control for Windows Phone 7. Laurent’s MultiTouch behavior will enable developers to incorporate features like scale, rotate and translate gestures into their Silverlight application and even simulate multitouch with a single mouse so you don’t have to buy a multitouch screen to test your application and see if two fingers input is working:

- Scale, Rotate, Translate are supported.
- Possibility to show markers on the screen for demos/projections/videos.
- Debug mode with addition on-screen information.
- “Mock” mode for development without multitouch screen. Simulate fingers with just one mouse.
- Enable/disable Scale, Rotate, Translate X and Y individually.
- Constrain Scale with minimum and maximum value.

Future plans:
Not supported (but in the plan) are:

-Multiple elements: Right now, the gestures can only apply to one element on the screen.
-Constraining the element to the screen.

The first video is a demonstration of his MultiTouch behavior implemented in a demo applications:

The second video is a 15mins long tutorial showing you how to implement it in your application:

Laurent will release the sample code on Codeplex soon.

Source: Laurent Bugnion