Quake 3 ported to the Samsung Galaxy S

Elootos over at MediaCenterHouse has managed to port Quake 3 Arena to the recently released Samsung Galaxy S and posted a video of it on YouTube yesterday. What is interesting here is that unlike the majority of the “Q3 ported to XXMobile device” videos we can clearly see that this time the game is set to the highest level of polygons detail (look at the rocket launcher). The  S5PC110A01(Hummingbird) chipset is currently the fastest overall mobile chipset on the market now ( can’t wait to see how the  stacks up against it). Video after the break:

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Windows Phone 7 Data Encryption

Microsoft’s Rob Tiffany has just posted an article discussing Windows Phone 7′s Data Encryption features. People think that the lack of socket support and other functionalities means that WP7 only supports SSL encryption via IEMobile but this isn’t true. The OS currently includes support for the following cryptographic algorithms (that can be accessed via Silverlight apps):


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One hour long Windows Phone 7 gaming video chat

Microsoft’s Director of Windows Phone Product Management, Aaron Woodman sat down for a one hour long chat on the company’s Windows Phone 7 Backstage website 2 days ago. Here’s basically what I got out of it:

- Only turn-by-Turn multiplayer multi-platform games at launch
- No Multiplayer gaming via bluetooth
- Lots of “great” games supposedly launching alongside the platform this fall
- Only WiFi and Cell Data to send invitations, not bluetooth
- Not sure a M rated games on Windows Phone 7.Review will be done on a game to game basis
- No word on Halo yet, more announcement before the launch (EA, Gameloft, Microsoft Game Studios etc working on WP7 games right now)
- Huge marketing push coming this fall
- No gameplay on the Xbox, then pause and then continue playing the same game on your Windows Phone 7 at launch
- Markeplace will be available in more countries soon

Check out the full chat after the break:

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