New HTC HD Mini Rom released

HTC has just released a new ROM for the HTC HD Mini today. This 1.36 ROM updates improves the following:

Improved Functions:

1. The trimmer bar will slide smoothly while trimming the mp3.

2. Enhance the system performance and stability.

3. Improves the ringtone sound quality.

You can grab the following files direct on HTC’s support site and don’t forget to check out my HD Mini review if you haven’t already:

Greece: 1.36.482.1, Portugal: 1.36.410.1, France: 1.36.406.1, Denmark: 1.36.403.1,

Italy: 1.36.408.1, Europe: 1.36.401.1, Spain: 1.36.412.1, Russian Federation: 1.36.411.1,

Sweden: 1.36.413.1, Germany: 1.36.407.1, Nederland: 1.36.404.1, East Europe: 1.36.479.1,

Norway: 1.36.409.1

Source: HTC

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    good job