HTC Droid Incredible to get 720P video recording and Mobile Hostpot in next OTA update

Good news for all the HTC Droid Incredible owners out there. The next Over The Air update will enable 720P video recording and Mobile Hotspot on the device . You may remember that HTC told me a few moths ago that HTC Desire was capable of handling 720P encoding but because of time constraint the feature wasn’t enabled but was planed in a future update. Unfortunately HTC didn’t do anything since then even-though some folks over at XDA have already hacked their Nexus One to get this functionality. Now that the Droid Incredible will officially get it one can only hope that all other high end Android device from HTC will also be blessed with it (but HTC can still claim that they are only enabling it on the Droid because of the 8Mpix sensor…yeah sure..). Check out the video of the new ROM after the break:

Source: DroidLife

Firmware Version
2.1 -update 1
Baseband Version
Kernal Version 2.6.29-2211329c
htc-kernal@and18-2 #1

Software number 1.35.605.2