Motorola Droid 2 launching on August 23rd with Android 2.2

The latest rumors are pointing at an August 23rd launch of the Motorola Droid 2 with Android 2.2 on board. As we have seen a few days ago the current handsets are still running Android 2.1 but with the expected July launch of the Froyo update for the Motorola Droid it’s only logical to think that the lastest Moto hardware will be up to date when coming out the gate.

Source: Androidandme

Xbox Live Arcade Shoot 1UP game ported to Windows Phone 7

Who said the Windows Phone 7 isn’t popular among the developer community? Here’s the Shoot 1UP Xbox Live Arcade shooter game ported to Windows Phone 7 thanks to the XNA Game Studio 4 Framework.

This is a ‘smoke test’ of the upcoming Shoot 1UP release for the Windows Phone 7 platform. We’re currently targeting to release the game with the launch of the phone.

The test loads all game art appropriately and constantly loops the game to check for any memory leaks. The computer randomly positions the ships, fights enemies, and goes through menus, all at 10x speed. The actual level lengths are much shorter (the number of waves is lower than the final game) but the unique enemies per level is accurate.

The graphics in the final game will improve and be uniquely tuned for the Windows Phone 7, in addition to a special game play modes just for that platform, and a new playable ship.

Check out the video after the break:

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iPhone 4 Noise cancellation test

Tired of all the Retina display vs Super AMOLED comparisons? Well, here’s  something we haven’t seen..heard before: a quick look at the iPhone 4 noise cancellation capabilities. Similar to the HTC Touch Pro2 and Google Nexus One,the iPhone 4 features dual microphone for noise cancellation. So does it work or is it just a gimmick? Check out Pocketnow’s test after the break:

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Official Android 2.2 Froyo update available on the Nexus One

Android 2.2 aka Froyo is now officially availble to all Nexus One users. The FRF85 build is currently being pushed out OTA to all devices on AT&T and T-Mobile but you can safely download directly from Google Servers here and install it yourselfs using the following instructions:

- Rename the file to

- copy it to the Root of your micro-sd card

-Boot your device in recovery mode by holding the the trackball and pressing once on the power button

- Select Bootloader and then select Recovery

- Let the device reboot (it will display an exlamation point) and then press the volume up and power button at the same time

- finally select “Apply” with the trackball.


Source: Google