KIN prices dropping and software update coming

Microsoft’s KIN phone may be on the way out, at least that what all the signs are pointing out. Verizon and Redmond don’t want to communicate on the estimated sales of both handsets since their launch a little bit more than a month ago and this can only mean that they aren’t worth talking about (contrast this with Apple’s 1.7 million iPhone 4 sold in a single day…) Some Verizon workers are now claiming that they are being outsold by the Palm Pre (how lame is that?). To try to make things a little better Verizon is hopelessly going to lower the KIN One price to $29 and KIN Two to $49, unfortunately they will still require a $29/or more data plan. On a brighter note; A software update is apparently in the works and should be released this summer. I find it rather “strange” that we haven’t heard anything new about the worldwide launch of both device (and there still is no carrier enrolled in France!). My advice to Microsoft would be: Forget about it, integrate Kin Studio into Windows Phone 7. KIN is dead.

Source: Cnet, BGR and Microsoft

Kindle for Android is available

The Kindle application for Android was announced a little bit more than a month ago and today Amazon is proud to deliver the goodies. The Kindle application is now available on the Android Market. I’ll re-post all the application’s features after the break but note that it requires Android 1.6+ to work so grab the last ROM for you device before attempting to download it. The recently announced Samsung Vibrant will have  it pre-loaded:

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Android 2.1 for HTC Hero officially being rolled out

The day has finally come! HTC Hero owners in Europe are now able to update their handsets to Android 2.1. The update is currently being rolled out OTA if you have a sim-free device (carrier handset will get it in the coming hours/days) but you can already download the ROM from several location around the web (but don’t flash it on your phone, it has only been made available for development purposes).

Source: XDA-Devs here & here & coolsmarphone

HTC EVO 4G OTA software update pushed out

Sprint has just started to push out an Over The Air update to all HTC EVO 4G devices this morning. The update number version is 1.47.651.1 but nointhg much is known about it yet but it supposedly improves the WiFI and adds WiFi N support. The File is 21.43MB so it may take a little while to download if you are on 3G (switch to Wifi and be patient).

Via: Engadget

Samsung Fascinate: Verizon’s Galaxy S

It’s now Verizon’s turn to get its own variant of the Samsung Galaxy S. This time it’s called the Samsung Fascinate, features the hardware specs you probably already know by heart but adds a LED flash ot the 5Mpix camera like the Samsung Epic 4G and will come pre-loaded with Bing Maps and Bing Search (didn’t know that there was a Bing Maps app on Android….) thanks to the Microsoft/Verizon search deal signed at CES 2009 and a 6-axis sensor (which is probably already present in the original). Check the full press Release after the break:

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Samsung Vibrant announced: T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S

T-Mobile is announcing today its own variant of the Samsung Galaxy S; The Samsung Vibrant. Unlike AT&T’s Samsung Captivate this one doesn’t have a re-designed form factor and looks nearly identical to the original handset and only lacks the front facing button at the bottom of the device. The Samsung Vibrant will launch July 21 for $199.99 on a two-year contract and will come with a 2gb-SD card pre-loaded with the movie Avatar, The Sims 3 Collector’s Edition. Full Press Release after the break:

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Samung Epic 4G announced on Sprint: The Samsung Galaxy S Pro with WiMax

Samsung has just unleashed the most highly speced smartphone ever today with the Samsung Epic 4G. The Epic 4G is actually the rumored Samsung Galaxy S Pro we saw last week in a leaked picture and it turns out that it is actually real and will launch on Sprint in the near future. No date or price have been announced yet. On the hardware front the Epic 4G is pretty similar to the Galaxy S with its 4″ Super AMOLED display, the same S5PC110A01 (Hummingbird) chipset clocked at 1ghz, the same 5 MPix camera capable of 720P recording but this time with a LED Flash (the other Galaxy S models don’t have one), a 6-axis accelerometer, but this time the handset sports a sliding qwerty keyboard, front facing VGA camera and WiMax cellular radio and a 1500Mha battery. Similar to its Galaxy S cousins; the Epic 4G still lacks an HDMI output (but features DNAL support) which is IMO a real shame. The Samsung Epic 4G will initially ship with Android 2.1 but Sprint has already announced that an Android 2.2 update will be made available soon after. Read the full Press Release after the break:

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Towers Of Hanoi Windows Phone 7 game

Windows Phone 7 applications are popping up left and right lately. this time it’s a game named Towers Of Hanoi (inspired but the Towers of Hanoi iPhone game) developed by a one man crew at ElucidSoft:

So I have been developing a couple Windows Phone 7 Applications in Silverlight in anticipation for the October release of the phone, below is a preview of the first game I have written that is a Towers of Hanoi game. It was relatively easy to do, only took me total of 2 weeks development time and that was with 2 full time clients at the same time. I could have easily pulled this off in 3-4 days time, which just goes to show you the sheer amount of power that Silverlight is offering up here on this platform!

You can watch the game in action afer the break:

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