Windows Phone 7 Jump List control and CTA Bus Tracker application

Even-though Windows Phone 7′s SDK is really top notch and packed with features and tools a lot of “basic controls” are currently missing like Panorama / Pivot (an official version will be released later this summer) and a Jump List control similar to the one found in the People’s Hub contact manager and Zune Hub. Clarity Consulting has just finished code a Jump List control for Windows Phone 7 and will release the source code shortly for those of you who wish to integrate it in a project.

Clarity is also working on a CTA Bus Tracker WP7 application and decided to blog about the different stages of buildgin this project:

Lots of public transit users at Clarity, and we’ve been working on a WP7 bus tracking app for both CTA and BART (San Fran’s mass transit agency and home to Clarity’s west coast spread) for several months…several years if you count Steve Holstad’s excellent (and since retired) WhereTheEl crowd-sourced transit tracking app and numerous not-quite-ready-for-prime-time prototypes on the iPhone. We were saving up our latest effort as the basis of a multi-post guide to developing a WP7 app, what happens when the developers start before the designers but Matt Hidinger’s post about *his* cool WP7 bus tracking app pushed up our publication date! Looks like we’re playing Elisha Gray to his Alexander Bell. Fortunately, I think this town is big enough for the both of us…

And finally the French team at BackElite (who’s behind the Allociné application announced at the ReMix event) is starting a series of tutorials on how to start developing windows Phone 7 applications here.

Source: Clarity Consulting Jump List and CTA Bus Tracker, BackElite