Log-in into Xbox Live on Windows Phone 7

Microsoft’s Andre Vrignaud wrapped up a walk through post detailing the Sign-in and Login process of the Xbox Live feature on Windows Phone 7. As you probably already know you will be required to have a Windows Live ID to use a WP7 device and have access to all the cloud based services like MyPhone, Facebook, Windows Live Photos etc..

The first time you power on a Windows Phone you’ll be asked if you have a Windows LIVE ID. To show your Xbox LIVE account on the phone you need to enter the WLID associated to your gamertag. If you don’t remember the WLID username and password you can tap the information link “I have an Xbox LIVE account.” for instructions to find your WLID on your console.

Once you’ve completed that setup, when you enter the Games hub it will retrieve your Xbox LIVE account, and you’ll see your Gamertag and other Xbox LIVE profile information as you continue to use the phone. If you want to use a different WLID on your phone (e.g. you want to use your Messenger ID instead), you will need to use your console to repoint your Xbox LIVE account to the phone WLID before you make purchases in the Marketplace or use Xbox LIVE in the Game hub. You can find information on how to associate your Xbox LIVE account with a different WLID here.

After signing in with your Windows LIVE ID, you’ll land on the start screen which has a Games Hub icon. Selecting the Games Hub icon brings you to the Games Hub itself. Note that at this point the avatar shown is either your real one (if you’ve associated your Xbox LIVE account with your WLID), or a generic one (because you aren’t currently an Xbox LIVE member).

The Xbox Live integration in Windows Phone 7 is going to be Microsoft’s big differentiator and will hopefully be packed with games this fall when the first devices hit he market.

Source: Ozymandias