Spotify for Windows Mobile 6.5 to be released within a month

According to WinMobile.SE the famous music streaming application, Spotify will launch on Windows Mobile 6.5 within a week. Availibilty will depend on your country (the service is currently available in Finland, France, Norway, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom). The application will supposedly support all the Spotify features like Offline Mode, Multi Tasking, multi-resolution support, Save offline audio files to phone, or storage card etc…The question on everybody’s mind right now is probably; Will there be a Windows Phone 7  Spotify application? First off, the WP7 version (if there’s one in the making) will not support multi-tasking in its initial release (like the WP7 version of Pandora). But Microsoft already has a solution for this: Zune. The Zune player coupled with the Zune Pass will let you stream unlimited music to your phone and because it is a native application you will be able to multi-task while listening to your favorite tunes.

Source: via WMPU