Android 2.2 FRF72 update released for the Google Nexus One

It’s still not officially released but you can already grab the newest FRF72 for Android 2.2 for the Google Nexus Oneright now from the link below. The firmware update is just 1.8Mb so don’t expect it to bring any new features at all but it couple of bug fixes and stability improvements.

Download it here

Via: XDA

HTC Mozart Windows Phone 7 handset headed to Telstra in October

According to the internal Telstra flyer pictured above the HTC Mozart Windows Phone 7 handset is head to the Australian carrier in October 2010. The device on the document is obviously is and HTC Desire with the WP7 UI photoshoped on it but this often happens in internal carrier documents when the device in question hasn’t been officially announced yet. As we have heard before HTC seems to be name its Windows Phone 7 prototype handsets after artists names like Schubert, Mondrian and now Mozart.
Source: XDA-Devs thanks for the tip KK

HTC supposedly working on HTC EVO 4G Screen issues FIX

HTC is supposedly working on a software fix for the HTC EVO 4G touchscreen sensitivity screen issue but has also said that the glass offset¬†problem is minor and doesn’t effect the user experience at all (they have claimed that are making assembly changes so that the next batches don’t come out with the same problem). I find interesting that HTC openly addressed both¬†issues now especially when you take into account that the HTC HD2 which has been out for more than 8 months exhibits the same problems (and people have complained about them ever since the release of the device). This just goes to show you how much Windows Mobile 6.XX has become irrelevant. Windows Phone 7 can’t come soon enough…

Source: Engadget