Windows Phone 7 developer Q&A: official Panorama and Pivot controls in the works

A new Windows Phone 7 Q&A video has been posted on Microsoft’s Channel 9 today. This session took place during last week’s TechED event in NA and has Brandon Watson and Peter Torr answering development related questions about the WP7 platform. One of the most interesting point is something I have been wondering for a while now; When is Microsoft going to release official Managed Panorama and Pivot controls? Well the answer is : In the final release of the tools later this summer. Good news then, but the catch is that if you have already build your own controls (or used one of the third-party open source samples available on the net) it won’t stop you from submitting your application to the Marketplace but you will have to change it afterwards once the official controls are out (you will need to replace your own controls with the MS versions). The other bit of info in there is that the Compass API still isn’t done yet so developers won’t be able to access it even if the hardware is available on the phone. Check out the full video after the break:

Source: Channel 9