Microsoft denies offering money to iPhone developers for Windows Phone 7 ports


Microsoft has officially denied the rumor that I reported a few days ago about the iPhone developers that were supposedly offered loads of money to port their successful applications to Windows Phone 7. Contacted by French website L’Informaticien, Microsoft said that they will obviously talk to iPhone developers and try to convince them that developing for WP7 is a path that they should consider.But that there’s no need for them [MS] to pay anybody given the thousands of current Silverlight developers in the world (15000 only in France). Microsoft is confident that enough developers are interested in the new mobile platform.

Source: L’informaticien

Watch the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace in action

Here’s a nice TechED session dedicated to the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. You see how the Marketplace in action (on the LG Panther / GW910) and also see how the application Trial API actually works and some talk about the private Beta testing functionality that we talked about a few days ago. Be sure to also listen to the Q&A session afterwards. Loke Ui’s claim that games must be rated PG13 is a joke….I hope (he jokes that they can’t bring Halo because it’s rated M) because the Twin Blades game that you previously saw in my hands-on session is really gore and is probably rated M (and is going to be one of the Hero launch application this fall).Some interesting info about the application’s performance: An Application must display a new screen 1 second after the user opens it (can be a splash screen) then the application has a maximum of 19 seconds to make sure that the user can operate it, if not the application will be rejected by Microsoft. There’s also a demo of the Windows Phone 7 development handset unlocker at the end. The video is after the break:

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The HTC Deisre is officially headed to the US this August

HTC has justed announced via its Twitter account that the HTC Desire is headed to the select Regional Operators in the US this August. So don’t expect to see it on T-Mobile, AT&T, Verzion or Sprint. This is good news for those who can’t get the Google Nexus One. You can check out my HTC Desire review here.

Source: Twitter

Windows Phone 7 developer Q&A: official Panorama and Pivot controls in the works

A new Windows Phone 7 Q&A video has been posted on Microsoft’s Channel 9 today. This session took place during last week’s TechED event in NA and has Brandon Watson and Peter Torr answering development related questions about the WP7 platform. One of the most interesting point is something I have been wondering for a while now; When is Microsoft going to release official Managed Panorama and Pivot controls? Well the answer is : In the final release of the tools later this summer. Good news then, but the catch is that if you have already build your own controls (or used one of the third-party open source samples available on the net) it won’t stop you from submitting your application to the Marketplace but you will have to change it afterwards once the official controls are out (you will need to replace your own controls with the MS versions). The other bit of info in there is that the Compass API still isn’t done yet so developers won’t be able to access it even if the hardware is available on the phone. Check out the full video after the break:

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Early Motorola Droid X preview

The gals at Engadget managed to get their hands-on on a Motorola Droid X and posted a preview of the device.The device definitely looks like a beast even next to the HTC EVO 4G. But according to the preview it has a 4.4″ screen with a resolution of 854×480 (compared to a the WVGA 4.3″ on the EVO and HD2) so the Droid X has a higher PPI than HTC’s latest and greatest. Under hood is apparently a TI OMAP 9630 clocked @ 1Ghz next to 8Gb of flash memory and as we have sen earlier the handset packs an 8 Mpix camera with Xenon flash capable of capturing 720P videos that can then be outputted via the HDMI connector on the side of the device. Based on the pictures aand HD video sample posted the camera (or the software/drivers behind..) of the Droid X is also better than the one found on the HTC EVO 4G. Android 2.1 is running the show with a little help from Moto’s updated MOTOBLUR UI (oh and the keyboard now features multi-touch! And Swype comes pre-loaded on the device too). Check out the videos after the break:

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