Samsung Galaxy S Pro spotted in the wild

The Samsung Galaxy S isn’t even out in retail stores and we are already seeing what looks like the full slide-out qwerty version of the device probably called the Samsung Galaxy s Pro which is apparently headed to Sprint in the US. Nothing else is know about it other than it runs Android and supposedly comes equipped with a 4G / WinMAx radio.

Source: Engadget

HTC EVO 4G screen issues

Welcome to the beautiful world of electronics… A whole bunch of early HTC EVO 4G users are complaining that the screen at the bottom of the device is slightly offset and that light (from the capacitive button’s LED underneath) is leaking through. Bad news folks, the HD2 has similar problems (but no light leakage there because of the hardware buttons), the iPhone also has this problem (mine was totally offset and light leaked from top to bottom on the right hand side of the device), the HTC HD had paint chipping problems and badly mounted digitizer (big air gap between the screen and the digitizer), the HTC Diamond2 had dust under the screen, the black version of the HTC P3600 / Trinity had a paint chipping problem and the resistive digitizer of the screen was loose on the top left etc, etc, etc….There’s nothing you can do about it and HTC isn’t going to do anything about it unless the device doesn’t function as it should (if the capacitive panel dies etc). Is it a bad batch? Probably, but you will have to live with it or try to return you phone in hopes to get it replaced by one coming from another batch :(

There are some digitizer issues too as seen in the video below:

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HTC Aria hands-on video and announcement

The Android version of the HTC HD Mini called the HTC Aria aka HTC Libertyhas just been outed by AT&T in a official hands-on video on YouTube. Because this is basically an HTC HD Mini with Android instead of Windows Mobile 6.5.3 there’ isn’t much to say. The specifications are identical with the only major difference being the the optical trackpad at the bottom of the handset. The Aria is powered by a Qualcomm MSMS 7227 @ 600Mhz, has a 3.2 HVGA capacitive touchscreen, 384MB orf RAM, 512 MB of ROM, Android 2.1 a 5Mpix camera etc. So the US HTC Aria / Liberty and Europe gets the HTC Wildfire (a mini HTC Desire). Video and Press Release after the break:

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Samsung Galaxy S 720P video sample

Here’s a short HD video captured with a Samsung Galxy S during the Rolland Garros Tennis tournament in Paris a few days ago. Video quality seems pretty good (It’s probably sharper before the YouTube compression) and the frame rate it fairly consistent (good light conditions play a big role here). The real fun will begin on June 24th when we will finally see how the iPhone 4′s HD camcorder looks like. I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple manages to one-up Samsung. HTC is lagging far behind in quality as we have witnessed a few days ago with the HTC EVO 4G and Acer’s 720P function is just…well..not worth it. Video after the break:

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