Samsung Galaxy S review

Just found out that Mobile01 posted a gigantic review of the Samsung Galaxy S a little while ago. Unfortunately it’s in Chinese so Google’s translator will be you savior here. the Samsung Galaxy S is a real winner according to the review thanks to all of the multimedia features like 720P video recording, HDMI out, native Divx support and DNLA etc.. The S5PC110A01 Chipset is also praised for its awesome performances especially when it comes to playing back 720P videos or rendering webpages.

But now let’s talk about the Super AMOLED screen; according to the reviewer the panel on the Galaxy S is the best thing he has ever seen and that it’s hard to go back after using it for a little while.

PenTile Matrix on the Samsung Galaxy S Super AMOLED screen

But the most interesting point about it which isn’t in the review (but burried in their forums) is that Super AMOLED panel uses the same sub-pixel PenTile Matrix found on the HTC Desire (check out some close of shots in my review) and the Google Nexus One and HTC Incredible. Fortunately it doesn’t seem to exhibit the same (or maybe it does it less) problems found on HTC’s handset (color banding/fringing, fuzzy text etc..).

Source: Mobile01, Mobile01