720P video recording enabled on the Google Nexus One

You may remember that I reported a few months ago that HTC told me that the HTC Desire was fully capable of capturing 720P videos but the feature wasn’t enabled at launch because of lack of time. They’ve promised me that this was coming in a future update alongside DivX support but nothing has happened ever since. Today I’m happy to report that 720P video recording is now enabled on the Google Nexus One (which has the same specifications as the Desire) thanks to the good folks at XDA-Devs. All you will need is the latest CyanogenMOD CM5.0.8test3 :

Flash as update.zip

Will release froyo later

IT will currently work with intersect kernel and the kernel i gave already has pershoots modifications.
I am not responsible for anything that happens to your phone


To come
better fps
better audio
have to work on them yet

Check out a video sample after the break:

Source: XDA-Devs