iPhone 4 Camera / Photo samples

I just noticed that Apple has provided 6 photo samples (re-sized them to save bandwidth, originals are here) supposedly taken with the iPhone 4 5mpix camera. According to them those picture are untouched and come straight from the device taken in optimal condotions. If that’s indeed the case  then all I can say is; wow. They just look awesome, there no blurring at the edges and no sharpening artifacts at all. Other companies like HTC, Samsung or LG can learn a thing or two because this thing is leagues better than what they are currently shipping. Here’s a sample from the upcoming LG Panther/ GW910 Windows Phone 7 device but the Nokia N8 is still the best I’ve seen so far (with its 12 Mpix sensor).

Check out some new samples (HD Video) here and an HTC EVO 4G vs iPhone 4 HD video comparison here