HTC Liberty and HTC Aria: The Android version of the HTC HD Mini

Why does HTC love to sell the same handset under different names and packages? To confuse everybody I guess. The HTC Wildfireisn’t even out yet and we are already seeing proofs of the existence of an other entry-level Android smartphone with similar specs but this time with the same design as the HTC HD Mini Windows Mobile 6.5.3 handset. The device is called the HTC Liberty or HTC Aria or HTC Bee or HTC Intruder (I guess that it depends on the carrier) and will have similar specs to the HTC HD Mini (same MSM7227 chipset and 3.2″ screen etc) but with Android instead of WinMo and an optical trackpad like the HTC Desire, Legend and Wildfire.

Source: AC and Twitter