Microsoft's Next Generation Mobile Enterprise Application Platform on Windows Phone 7 with Silverlight

It’s no secret that Microsoft is principally aiming the first iteration of Windows Phone 7 at the consumer market and not the enterprise business but this isn’t stopping Redmond from implementing new IT features into the new mobile OS. Rob Tiffany will  be presenting  the company’s new Enterprise development effort using Silverlight, WCF, Azure and Visual Studio 2010 next week during the TechED conference in New Orleans:

Developing Occasionally Connected Applications for Windows Phone 7
The Silverlight development environment has proven itself to be a rich, capable, and adaptable runtime that has reached across platforms to support Windows, the Mac and the Web. Silverlight has now become the application platform for Windows Phone 7, which is great news for new and existing Silverlight developers looking to support this exciting new phone platform. To ensure the best experience for mobile users, apps built for Windows Phone 7 must implement an occasionally-connected pattern of development that Silverlight developers for the other platforms may find unfamiliar. In this session, learn how to build mobile apps that adjust their behavior based on changing network conditions. Also learn how to conquer unreliable wireless networks by implementing RESTful principles to ensure your messages are both compact and fast. Then take those WCF REST services and use them to retrieve database tables, rows, and columns in order to drive the behavior of your mobile applications. Finally, learn how to build an in-memory database that you can query with LINQ and save its data to Isolated Storage to ensure that your Windows Phone apps keep working regardless of network conditions.

Rob will also discuss Microsoft’s Next Generation Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) stack:

. Come see what Microsoft’s Next-Gen Mobile Enterprise Application Platform looks like and learn how it will support a broader range of mobile platforms and operating systems including Windows Phone 7 and Azure.

As you can see in the diagram above MEAP is also supports on Nokia’s S60 thanks to Silverlight.

Source: Rob Tiffany