HTC EVO 4G 720P video sample

My man Brandon at Pocketnow has just posted a video sample video showing off the quality of the 720P video capture capability of the HTC EVO 4G. Unfortunately the quality isn’t up to what I was expecting even when you take the YouTube compression into account. It looks like the bitrate is set really low by default to save memory (the higher the bitrate the bigger the file size) and I’m sure that if this variable can be tweaked/hacked we would see much better video quality (but this won’t fix the rolling shutter distortion). It’s a lot better than the Acer Stream sample we saw a couple of days ago IMO HTC has been doing this on all of its handsets lately. Thankfully HTC HD2 owners can tweak this variable and capture some pretty good videos (the file size is really huge though). Check out the video after the break:

Source: Pocketnow