Steve Ballmer talks about mobile, Google, Android, the iPad and the future of PCs

Steve Ballmerand Ray Ozzie were interviewed today at the D8 conference in Los Angeles. Unfortunately there wasn’t anything new to learn at all but Ballmer had a couple of things to say about Microsoft‘s current situation in the Mobile space and openly admitted that the company fell behind and has to play catch up now. Check out the videos after the break:

Steve Ballmer on Mobile:

Steve share’s his thoughts about the future of PCs and the iPad:

And Finally some discussion about Google and its Chrome OS/ Android strategy. Pay close attention to what Ray Ozzie is saying about Chrome OS and the future of cloud computing (@ 3:15) and think about what Microsoft is trying to to with Silverlight RIA (Rich Internet Applications) on Windows Phone 7and PCs. When you get a chance to play around with a Windows Phone 7  handset you definitely have the feeling that Apps are actually services fully integrated in the handset and connected to the cloud. There’s no distinction between an Application sitting in the phone’s memory and a cloud based service and you no longer have the impression that you are using a mapping applications or an email client app that you have to open and close etc :