HP: WebOS smartphones...maybe

Woops, looks like yesterday’s CEO speech didn’t really please the PR team at HP so they issued a damage control statement about the future of WebOS on smartphones:

When we look at the market, we see an array of interconnected devices, including tablets, printers, and of course, smartphones. We believe webOS can become the backbone for many of HP’s small form factor devices, and we expect to expand webOS’s footprint beyond just the smartphone market, all while leveraging our financial strength, scale, and global reach to grow in smartphones.

Well, this is rather vague in my opinion. Especially when you compare to the Mark Hurd’s statement :

We didn’t buy Palm to be in the smartphone business. And I tell people that, but it doesn’t seem to resonate well. We bought it for the IP. The WebOS is one of the two ground-up pieces of software that is built as a web operating environment…We have tens of millions of HP small form factor web-connected devices…Now imagine that being a web-connected environment where now you can get a common look and feel and a common set of services laid against that environment. That is a very value proposition.

Anyway, both statements should probabyl be forgotten for the time being (HP hasn’t bought Palm yet btw). We will know the really deal soon enough (Windows Phone 7 handsets will start to be announced this summer).