The Samsung Galaxy S launching in 110 Countries at the same time

Accodring to the Korea ITTimes Samsung is about to launch the Samsung Galaxy S Android smartphone in 110 countries at the same time.

Samsung have made contracts with major telecommunication companies from 110 countries. For instance, Orange, which is the key brand Telecom in France, SingTel from Singapore, Deutsche Telecom from Germany and many others. This simultaneous release is a rare case in the industry

Samsung is really confident about the Galaxy S succes and it you look at the current market this is the company’s only phone that can really compete against the upcoming iPhone 4g /HG and HTC’s high-end Android handsets like the EVO 4G and Desire. The Galaxy S features Samsung new Super AMOLED screen (4″),  the company’s own S5PC110 / S5PC110A01 chipset clocked at 1Ghz and a 5Mpix camera capable of 720P video capture. The device will ship with Android 2.1 but should hopefully get an update to Android 2.2 shortly after. This summer is going to be all about the new iPhone and Android untill Windows Phone 7 finally launches around October or November. Samsung is one of the main launch partners on WP7 and a modified Omnia HD is being used to develop the OS. You can check out my Windows Phone 7 hands on video on the Samsung prototype here.

Source: Korea IT Times