Motorola Shadow shows up in Verizon’s inventory

Verizon’s inventory system has always been a gold mine for information on unreleased products and this have be proven again with th discovery of what seems like the Motorola Shadow (MOTMB810) listed in there. The official announcement shouldn’t be too far off I guess.

Source: DroidGuys

First Acer Stream video samples: It ain’t pretty…

Two video samples of the recently announced Acer Stream Android handset have emerged on YouTube this weekend on YouTube and frankly they are disappointing. Even we you have keep in mind that we don’t know the exact camera setting used (compression level, sharpens..) and the fact that YouTube’s cmopression generally degrades the original quality of the videos, the quality isn’t up to what I expected from the device (5mpix camera with 720P camcorder feature). Check out both videos after the break:

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