Nokia N8 overview video

Here’s a 6 minutes long video overview of Nokia’s upcoming Symbian^3 smartphone the Nokia N8. You will get to see a walkthrough of the homescreen and some UI customization, integration of OVI maps and a whole bunch of other nice features like Flash in the browser.One interesting thing to not is that the devices seems to be running faster that what we have seen in the earlier promo videos back when the N8 was announced. but there’s still a sever lack of v-sync causing the noticable screen tearing you see when scrolling and panning. This is one thing that has to be fixed ASAP. The iPhone has shown us that a perfectly rendered UI is the minimum a user should expect when buying a high-end smartphone. This problem has ^plagued Windows Mobile for many and it is only now that Microsoft is finally natively “fixing” this issue with the release of Windows Phone 7 (I highly suggest you take a look at my live hands-on video of WP7 in action to see how it looks like). Check out the video after the break:

Source: NokiaConversations