Microsoft: 30 Million Windows Phone 7 devices will be sold by the end of 2011

During yesterday’s ReMIX Microsoft showed an interesting slide that didn’t go unnoticed by me ( you can see it above). According to IDC predictions 30Million Windows Phone 7 devices will be sold by the end of 2011 with 1.6 million of them only in France ( in 2008 only 18M WM licenses were sold and even less in 2009). This seems a lot especially for a new platform but the company is expecting that 40% of the handsets sold in 2011 will be smartphones (compared to only 14% in 2010) and hopes to grab a piece of the pie and generate money through the licensing fee and services integrated in WP7 (Zune music and movie downloads and 30% cut in the Marketplace). Just for comparison’s sake, Apple has sold 51,234,000 iPhones to date (and they are probably going to continue to sell a whole lot..).

UPDATE: Seems like there is some confusion going on right now. IDC is claiming that the slide is wrong and that their forecast for 2011 is 32 Million instead of the 30 Million quoted in the slide (and that it encompasses all Windows Mobile OS, not WP7 only). Splitting hairs much? eh? Let’s be logical here for a second please. Starting this fall WM6.X is as good as dead and MS logically estimated that out of the 32 Million estimated licenses sold only 2 Million would be WM6.X licenses (that’s why they estimated that 30 Million WP7 phones will be sold by the end of 2011). But it gets even better.. Microsoft issued a statement to please the IDC who seems a little bit pissed off over nothing:

“At the reMix conference in Paris, Microsoft presented a slide projecting the number of Windows Phone 7 phones to be sold in 2011. This slide was inaccurate, and intended to represent an analyst’s assessment of the market opportunity. We have not provided any sales forecasts for Windows Phone. Microsoft is introducing a fundamentally new design and experience with Windows Phone 7 in an effort to reposition our mobile business for the long-term.”

Acer Stream Android handset announcement and hands-on video

It didn’t take long for Acer to announce their new high-end Android device after it passed the FCC Tuesday. The Acer Stream is the company’s new Android 2.1 smartphone featuring a Qualcomm SnapDragon Chipset clocked at 1GHZ coupled with 512 Mb of RAM and 2gb of internal Flash. The screen is a 3.7″ WVGA (800×480) AMOLED panel (but there is a huge bezel!) and the 5Mpix camera is capable of shooting 720P videos. Other features included are: HD video playback on MP4, XVID and WMV-HD files, a Digital compass, GPS, FM Radio, HDMI port, UPnP & DNLA support, Micro-SD slot and Acer’s new UI. The device is 11.2mm thick. Check out the 22 minutes long hands-on video and press release below:

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AMOLED panel shortage causing HTC Incredible supply problems

According to Verzion’s CEO the supply problems currently affecting the HTC Incredible are caused by an AMOLED panel shortage on Samsung’s side. The PenTile Matrix AMOLED found on the HTC Incredible (and all other HTC devices featuring AMOLED screens. You check out how the matrix looks like in my HTC Desire review) is actually build by Clairvoyante (which was acquired by Samsung 2 years ago) but isn’t the same AMOLED (or SuperAMOLED) tech that Samsung uses on its own headsets.

Source: FierceWireless

Le Figaro Windows Phone 7 Application

Here’s another Windows Phone 7 application present during the ReMIX event today. It is a news app developed for One of France’s largest newspaper, Le Figaro. This one seemed to be in the early stage of development (what you will see was developed in 15 days and you will notice that the panning transition stutters) but a pre-rendered video will give you taste of what it supposedly look like in a month according to the developer. Same as the majority of WP7 apps you get the Panoramic UI and pivot controls all warped in nice looking transitions. Check out the full video below:

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AlloCiné Windows Phone 7 Application

A couple of new Windows Phone 7 applications were shown today during Microsoft’s ReMIX event and on of the is from AlloCiné (France’s largest movies and theater website). The app is still in Alpha stage but most of the functionalies were already up and running. Metro’s panoramic and pivot control are once again used here and give the user a nice way to navigate through all the services provide by the application. Geolocalisation is also used to improve search results and help booking for a ticket. As you will see throughout the demo multi-media feeds are also part of the package (movies trailers and videos, posters wiki etc). Check the video below:

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