Motorola Shadows shows up at the Gym and on a Verizon flyer?

Did the rumored 4.3″ screen monster know as the Motorola Shadow get lost at the gym last night? This is what Gizmodo is reporting. Both devices look nearly identical (the one on the right is supposedly a Verizon flyer) and it can only be assumed that the handset is now on the way to be introduced to the world. A quick recap about the Shadow specifications: It supposedly has a 4.3″ screen like the HTC HD2 and HTC EVO 4G, and HDMI output, 720P recoding capabilities and a 8Mpix with dual-led flash, all running on Android.

Source: Gizmodo and Howardforums

  • Diego!

    Actually it has a 4.1″ screen, 8MP camera with flash, 8Gb internal memory & 8GB microSD card with it and USB & HDMI ports.

    So instead of shadow it should be named Motorola Droid 8 lol…