LG Fanthom Windows Mobile 6.5.3 handset announcement and hands-on

LG has just unveiled what is apparently going to be their last Windows Mobile 6.5.3 handset, the LG Fanthom. The device is a world-phone (WCDMA & GSM) and will be Verizon’s only WM 6.5.3 handset. The Fanthom definitely isn’t the hottest phone of the year, it features SnapDragon SoC clocked at 1Ghz but sadly has a 3.2″ resistive” WVGA touchscreen…this aint no LG Panther…Check out the full press release below and MobileBurn’s hands-on video:
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Android 2.2 browser on the Nexus One vs the iPhone and HTC HD2

Brandon at Pocketnow did it again and posted a must see video of the newly unleashed Android 2.2 browser running on a google Nexus One versus an iPhone 3GS (Safari Mobile) and HTC HD2 (Opera Mobile 10 but I would have personally used 9.7). You will see Flash 10.1 running smoothly in the browser but you will also quickly notice that enabling the Flash plugin actually slows down the overall loading performance of the Nexus One. Check out the video below:

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Yahoo and Nokia announce Worldwide mail, maps and search deal

Too little too late? I frankly don’t really know what to think of this deal right now especially when you consider Yahoo‘s current position in the mapping and search business so I’ll give you the full press release and let you judge:

Nokia and Yahoo! to bring integrated web services to millions of consumers around the world May 24, 2010

Global strategic alliance enables industry leaders to leverage strengths in e-mail, instant messaging, maps and navigation across PC and mobile devices
New York, NY, USA – Today, Yahoo! and Nokia announced a worldwide strategic alliance to extend the reach of their industry leading online services and offer people rich experiences that keep them connected to their world and the world around them.

Building on more than five years of collaboration, Nokia and Yahoo! ® will leverage each others’ strengths in e-mail, instant messaging and maps and navigation services, to provide consumers with access to world-class experiences on both PC and mobile devices.

As part of the alliance:
- Nokia will be the exclusive, global provider of Yahoo!’s maps and navigation services, integrating Ovi Maps across Yahoo! properties, branded as “powered by Ovi.”
- Yahoo! will become the exclusive, global provider of Nokia’s Ovi Mail and Ovi Chat services branded as “Ovi Mail / Ovi Chat powered by Yahoo!”
- Nokia and Yahoo! plan to work on ID federation between their services, beginning by making it easy for people to use their Ovi user IDs across select Yahoo! properties to easily access the online content and services they need.

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More LG Panther Windows Phone 7 pictures and video

Here are some new pitures of LG’s first Windows Phone 7 handset the LG Panther aka LG GW910. This is the same prototype handset that Microsoft has been sending to its worldwide offices to start training people and developers. And as you can see written on the box the LG Panther can also capture video in 720P! Be sure to check back here Wednesday were I will hopefully have some hands-on impressions with pictures and videos of the device in action!

- This is definitely still a prototype device, and there are still quite a few rough edges to be fixed. The device OS is still being updated with new builds almost every other day.
- Even the packaging and box is expected to be different before the final product ships. For example, the current box is not even using the correct Windows Phone 7 logo.
- Despite it’s prototype status, the phone appears to be more or less feature complete and incredibly responsive and fast. The animations are all very smooth.
- For the time being, you need a special build of the desktop Zune software (Dorado) to sync with the device; the current released version of desktop Zune software won’t work.
- The camera works pretty well, and the resulting photo is sharp, as you can see below:

check out a video of the bootup sequence after the break:

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Motorola Droid to receive Android 2.2 Froyo update in the near future

This shouldn’t come as a surprise but it’s always good to have an officialy  confirmation coming out of the company. SlashGear has contacted Motorola and asked them whether (and when) the Motorola Droid will get the Android 2.2 update. Here’s what Motorola answered:

“We’re excited to see Google’s news of the next version of the Android operating system and look forward to integrating it on our Android-based devices as it’s made available to the open source community.”

While I can’t comment on specifics, we do expect DROID by Motorola users will receive Android 2.2 as a software upgrade in the near future.”

So Motorola is basically waiting for Google to release Froyo to the open source community (and OEMs..). It is expected to happen in the coming weeks according to a Tweet from Google 2 days ago.

Source: Slashgear

T-Mobile US HTC HD2 ROM update pulled once again

Will this ROM update ever be released one day? According to T-Mobile the latest ROM update for the HTC HD2 was causing some issues and has temporarily been pulled for further investigation. This Rom was initially released ten days ago and then pulled down a couple of hours later. It was finally re-released last week but it now looks like HD2 owners will have to be patient and wait for a correct update in the coming days.

Source: TMonews

The HTC EVO 4G has been rooted

That right folks; the HTC EVO 4G has already been rooted and is now ready to be loaded with custom applications and ROMs (Moded Android 2.2 / Froyo Nexus One roms….? ;-) ). Unfortunately they are not releasing any details on the root hack yet. Check out the video after the break:

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