1 hour long video chat with Windows Phone 7's Director of Developer Experience

Brandon Watson, Director of Developer Experience for Windows Phone 7 had a one hour long video chat last night on Microsoft‘s Backstage site to discuss the company’s developer strategy with WP7 and answering a lot of interesting questions. The full transcript isn’t up yet but here’s a couple of notes I took while watching the whole ything a few minutes ago:

-Third Party Apps can’t open email attachments

-Refresh of development tools every months and final dev tools will be released few months bprior to the launch on WP7.

- Sockets support coming but timing is still unclear. Only managed access to HTTP is available now.

- Expect the MarketPlace policies to be announced soon. Transparency in the approval process. If an app gets rejected the developer will receive a bulleted list of things that need to be fixed so he can re-submit his application.

- OEM applications can’t do Multi-Tasking but the OS is “fully Multi-Tasking & Multi-threaded”

- No application side-loading in the first iteration of the OS. Installation is only possible through the Marketplace.

- Compass and accelerator support in the emulator coming in future update

- No VPN support in WP7 at launch

- Third-party App-to-App communication is not allowed

- Windows Phone 7 handsets will be provided to developers soon

- Microsoft first-party and third-party titles are being build

- Local storage won’t be exposed in the first iteration of the OS.

And finally
- Developers, developers, developers!

If you don’t have much to do I suggest to watch the whole thing here (registration required). I’ll will post the full transcript once it’s made available.

Source: Microsoft