Windows Phone 7's IE Mobile Browser will be upgradable without a firmware update

Here’s some intersting info that I’ve found in regards to the IE Mobile browser in Windows Phone 7. It’s a well known fact that IE Mobile isn’t the hottest thing available in the mobile world (WebKit based browsers will have more than 83% of the mobile market share once RIM ships its new version on upcoming BlackBerry handsets later this year & are all HTML5 compatible) and many upcoming users are fearing that Windows Phone 7′s version of IE Mobile which is based on the desktop version of IE7 (and some parts of IE8) won’t offer the same user experience as Safari Mobile on the iPhone or the Android browser. With IE9 looking really promising (thanks to the HTML5 support and Direct2D hardware accelerated rendering) it’s only logical to hope that this technology will find its way in Microsoft’s mobile platform and the good news is that the teams have build Windows Phone 7 in such a way that it’s will be easly upgradable without a full firmware update:

Q:Will the browser in Windows 7 get more updates more frequently than only with full firmware updates?

Hi Tom,

Yes, we are building in the ability to update the browser independently of firmware.


We are obviously not going to see IE9 technology in Windows Phone any time soon (the desktop version isn’t going to ship this year according to the latest rumors) but this just shows that Microsoft is now really serious about it and will have the ability to quickly add news features and fix bugs without having to deal with carriers and OEMs.

Source: IEMobileBlog