More Windows Phone 7 LG Panther Prototype Pictures

Microsoft UK held a small press event this morning and had the Windows Phone 7 LG Panther prototype (or LG C900?) to pass around for some short hands-on action:

Windows Phone 7 has come on leaps and bounds since we saw a skeletal version of it in action back at Mobile World Congress in February: so much so in fact that a senior Microsoft exec has been using this LG Windows Phone 7 prototype as their own personal handset for daily use.

We’re much more excited seeing that unusual homescreen bursting with info this time round (in an amusing, if impractical touch, a smiley faces turns to a frown the more unread texts you have) and we have to say, it’s certainly much nippier now, with a working calendar that can detect addresses in text and proffer up speedy Bing maps, and frankly astounding looking Office support that puts Google Docs access on mobiles to shame.

The screen on the LG Windows Phone 7 model is also a vast improvement on the poor display on the original Windows Phone 7 prototype shown at Barcelona, and it really felt like a finished product on the outside at least, with a sturdy sliding mechanism and decent landscape keyboard.

Stay tuned for more hands-on action and impressions og the LG and Samsung handsets next week.

Via: Electripg & PocketLint