More Windows Phone 7 LG Panther Prototype Pictures

Microsoft UK held a small press event this morning and had the Windows Phone 7 LG Panther prototype (or LG C900?) to pass around for some short hands-on action:

Windows Phone 7 has come on leaps and bounds since we saw a skeletal version of it in action back at Mobile World Congress in February: so much so in fact that a senior Microsoft exec has been using this LG Windows Phone 7 prototype as their own personal handset for daily use.

We’re much more excited seeing that unusual homescreen bursting with info this time round (in an amusing, if impractical touch, a smiley faces turns to a frown the more unread texts you have) and we have to say, it’s certainly much nippier now, with a working calendar that can detect addresses in text and proffer up speedy Bing maps, and frankly astounding looking Office support that puts Google Docs access on mobiles to shame.

The screen on the LG Windows Phone 7 model is also a vast improvement on the poor display on the original Windows Phone 7 prototype shown at Barcelona, and it really felt like a finished product on the outside at least, with a sturdy sliding mechanism and decent landscape keyboard.

Stay tuned for more hands-on action and impressions og the LG and Samsung handsets next week.

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Pocket Informant not coming to Windows Phone 7

Another one bytes the dust? Not exactly: WebIS, Inc CEO Alex Kac clarified the situation regarding a future version of Pocket Informant on Windows Phone 7:

At the moment we do not expect to support Windows Phone 7. Its simply missing too much foundational for us. It could be done, but we’d hit a dead end at version 1.00 and it would be slower than people would like due to having to write all the recurrence/calendar code in C# without a good backend to help speed things up (like on BB).

I find it interesting to note that Resco, who seems to be a similar situation, decided to rewrite all their tools in Silverlight instead of waiting for Microsoft to open up development of native third-party applications unlike WebIS. Alex Kac posted a longer explanation of the situation:

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Sprint HTC Hero Android 2.1 update officially available

Saterday’s Android 2.1 leaked ROM for Sprin’t HTC Herois now officially available on Sprin’t support site. Assuming you didn’t already flash the leaked version here’s your chance to finaly get a taste of Android”s latest and greatest features:

Software – 2.27.651.5
Firmware – 2.1 Eclair 5/19/2010 This update includes:
- Upgraded operating system to Android 2.1 Eclair
- Enhancements to sense user interface (UI)
- Enhanced corporate email support
- Variety of minor bug fixes

Head over here to download it.

HTC HD2 ROM update finally released by T-Mobile US

The HTC HD2 2.13.531.1 ROM that went live 5 days ago and then disappeared is now finally back upon T-Mobile US support site:

A software update for the HTC HD2 is now available bringing several improvements to the HTC HD2’s software experience. In addition to device stability and performance improvements, we’ve also added the MyAccount application for managing your T-Mobile account directly from your device.

With this upgrade, your HTC HD2 device will be restored back to its factory settings.  Please be aware of the following before installing the update:

  • Ensure that you write down your settings for your e-mail accounts.
  • It is highly recommended that you back up your files. There are several ways to do so.   

               -  Use Microsoft® My Phone before downloading the software upgrade to save:

                                 – Contacts, calendar, tasks, text message, favorites , photos, videos, music and documents
               -  Save your photos, music, documents, and other files to your microSD card or your PC.

               -  Contacts stored to device memory will be erased.  Back them up using one of the following:
                                 -  Mobile backup
                                 -  My Phone
                                 -  Adding contacts to your SIM card
                                 -  *Note: Any email account with contacts will be re-synced upon logging back in

  • For any applications that require a sign in, make sure you have access to your password as you’ll need to re-login to the application.
  • If you have rented a movie from BLOCKBUSTER On Demand, your rental will no longer be available after the update, therefore you may wish to watch any rented movies prior to initiating the update. There is not an option to receive credit for the rental or to re-rent the movie without paying the standard fee. You will still have access to your purchased movies, but you will need to download the movie files again. Reminder: A Wi-Fi connection is needed to download movies.
  • If you have downloaded any eBooks from the Barnes & Noble application, you will need to re-download those eBooks upon syncing the application with your Barnes & Noble account. Note: bookmarks will be lost, so remember what page you were on!
  • The HTC HD2 comes bundled with several demo games, including Ferrari GT Evolution, Millionaire 2010, and Prince of Persia. Regrettably, if you have purchased the full versions of one of these games, you will need to re-purchase them at the standard cost following the software update. This is a result of the software update initiating a master reset of the device. Note: this only affects the above listed games and will not affect other games installed on the microSD card.
  • All personalized settings (wallpaper, home screen, etc) will need to be set up again.

Here’s how to install the update on your HTC HD2:

  1. On your PC, visit
  2. Follow the instructions listed under the HTC HD2 image to complete the installation.

Head over to

Resco Announces support for Windows Phone 7

Good news for all Windows Phone enthusiasts. One of the best mobile development house has just announced support for Windows Phone 7. Resco, makers of the award winning Resco Photo Manager, Resco Explorer etc.. is now 100% on board of the Windows Phone 7 train. They are in the process of porting their advanced development tools to Silverlight and integrate them into Visual Studio 2010:

Bratislava, Slovakia — May 18, 2010 — Resco, a leading vendor of advanced developer components and tools for mobile devices, announces that it is working on a new suite of components for the application development for Windows Phone 7 Series.

The new suite of components will be based on the Resco MobileForms Toolkit — the most complete set of controls for mobile applications development targeting Microsoft Windows Mobile platform.

“When Microsoft announced new Windows Phone 7 Series, our customers were curious whether Resco plans to support the new Phone with the favorite controls,” said Radomir Vozar, Resco Developer Tools & Enterprise Division Director. “Windows Phone 7 Series is a big challenge for us and our plan is to provide developers with a complex set of components that will facilitate the development process for the new mobile platform.”

Since the development process for Windows Phone 7 Series is only possible in the Silverlight technology, it is impossible to simply port current controls from Resco MobileForms Toolkit to this new technology, as the current controls are developed in WinForms technology. That is the reason Resco decided to design and develop a new set of controls for Windows Phone 7 Series from scratch. On the other hand, the architecture of new components is designed to be as much compatible with the current Resco MobileForms Toolkit from programming interface standpoint as possible. This conception ensures all developers using Resco MobileForms Toolkit a seamless transition to the Windows Phone 7 Series platform.

The new Resco controls supporting Windows Phone 7 Series will be integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and the release is scheduled for Q4 2010.

Source: Resco