Could this be the HTC Mondrian ?

Let’s assume that the Windows Phone 7 ROM leak is indeed the real thing and that the HTC Mondrian is a real device. We also know that HTC will supposedly only release one Windows Phone 7 handset this year. All this brings me to the conclusion that the device hinted at nearly 2 months ago by Microsoft’s Chris Sorenson who had just met with HTC’s Eric Lin (the tweet has seen been deleted) is actualy the HTC Mondrian:

Based on what I heard, #HTC will make all other #WP7S devices look outdated in terms of design. #HTC will clearly deliver the most amazimg WP7S ever.

BTW thanks to MonteCristoffOn at XDA we know that Mondrian is actually Piet Mondrian a Dutch Painter who did paintings that looks really intersting……

Update: Check out the early specs and renders.

  • Cmandanis

    my home will get the mondrian touch