IE Mobile for Windows Phone 7 won't include WebKit CSS prefix selector

The IE Mobile team announced yesterday that the latest version of the mobile browser included in Windows Phone 7  will support the  -webkit-text-size-adjustCSS selector to basically allow sites specifically designed for webkit browsers to render correctly on Windows Phone 7. Unfortunately for the boys in blue the vast majority of the feedback was negative (I suggest to read all the comments) and prompted the team to finally take this prefix out and post an explanation about the mistake today:

Yesterday, we posted a blog entry that detailed some upcoming JavaScript and CSS support enhancements that we are planning on making to the IE Mobile browser for Windows Phone 7. One of these changes, support for -webkit-text-size-adjust, stirred up a bit of controversy that caused us to stop and think further on the issue.

Our original intent in adding support for this WebKit-specific property was to make Web developers’ lives a bit easier by not having to add yet another vendor-prefixed CSS property to their pages to control how text was scaled. Even more specifically, we intuited that the most common use case for this property was to explicitly set it to “none” in order to tell the browser not to scale a particular section of text.

For example, if you have a picture in your page with an associated caption, you would use this property to prevent the browser from scaling the text, which would cause it to remain on a single line, reflecting the original intent of the designer, as in the following example:

After hearing the community’s feedback on this issue (and a couple of face-palms when we realized the broader implications of implementing other browser vendors’ CSS properties), we’ve decided that it’s best to only implement the -ms- prefixed version and not the -webkit- one.

We thank all of the passionate Web contributors who weighed in on the issue, and we’re looking forward to building a great mobile Web browser that all developers can develop for with clarity and certainty.

Best Regards,

Joe Marini
Principal Program Manager
Windows Phone

On the bright side; this shows that Microsoft is effectively listening to the developer community… :-/

Source: IE Mobile Blog here & here