Flash 10.1 for Android to be released next week at Google I/O

Those who are waiting patiently for Flash 10.1 for their mobile device (mainly Android) should be happy to know that the first public version should be released next week duing Google I/O’s event (May 19-20). according to Adobe’s Platform Evangelist Ryan Stewart. The other good news is that the plug-in apparently works quite well: just check out the video of his Nexus One running the latset version of the plug-in ruuning on Android Froyo:

While it won’t make up for my mistake at Flash Camp, I recorded a video so people could see an experience that will be much closer to the final experience with Flash Player on Android.[...]We’ll be releasing a public version of Flash Player 10.1 at Google I/O and would love to hear how your Flash sites perform.

Love it or hate it (Flash) but this looks mighty impressive to me!

Source: Ryan Stewart