HTC HD2: T-Mobile giving priority to existing users

Looks like T-Mobile is still having a hard time with the HTC HD2 inventory so they have apparently decided to give priority to existing users who want to upgrade to the HD2. Here’s an official statement from the company:

“T-Mobile understands the inventory challenges for the HTC HD2 and continues to work diligently in order to supply our customers with this highly popular product. As we receive additional inventory of the HTC HD2, we are giving priority to our existing customers. However, the demand for the device is still exceeding our supply.

Depending on the location, some T-Mobile retail stores may still have some HTC HD2 inventory available. We suggest that interested customers contact their local T-Mobile store via phone before visiting to see if they have the HTC HD2 available. If they do not have the HTC HD2 available, some stores are taking names and contact information, and will be able to notify customers once that location has product available.”

It would be interesting to know how many HD2′s T-Mobile is selling. Is HTC unable to supply enough handsets because of the supposedly high demand or is the company artificial restricting the number of HD2 being manufactured in hope that potential HD2 buyers switch to other Android HTC handsets knowing that the HD2 will probably never by supported/upgraded once Windows Phone 7 hits the shelves in a couple of months?

Source: Engadget