Windows CE 7 coming soon: Is at the core of Windows Phone 7

Looks like we finally have the first official confirmation that Windows Phone 7 is based on the Windows CE 7 core (some have noticed mentions of CE7 in the WP7 Emulator and CTP tool Kit but Microsoft never confirmed or denied anything). According to Microsoft Embedded technical evangelist, Oliver Bloch, Microsoft has been hard at work on finalizing CE 7 and hopes to support it for the next 10 years:

So let me say this: Windows CE is NOT dead. Our devs our heads down finalizing Windows Embedded Compact 7 that will ship soon and that Microsoft will support over the next 10 years (at least). Windows Embedded team is investing a lot in adding new features, creating new tools to support these new features, analyzing the Embedded market really seriously… Does that sound like a dead product? Definitively not.

By the Way, Windows Phone 7 is based on the Windows Embedded Compact 7 core

You will hear more from me and the Windows Embedded team during the next couple of months and you will understand what I am talking about :-) . Lots of good things are coming. Stay tuned.

My only hope is that Microsoft also finally realised that Windows (X86) isn’t suited for handheld devices (tablets etc) and finally pushes CE 7 (or a Tablet version of Windows Phone 7) for Tablet devices like the recently canceled Courier.

Source: Oliver Bloch via SoftPedia