Video: BillboardLive video streaming with Silverlight on Windows Phone 7

Here’s hands-on demo of BillboardLive’s Windows Phone 7 application showing Silverlight IIS smoothsreaming content directly on the phone similar to the Netflix application shown at MIX10. Later in the video you’ll also see the first ever Silverlight application on a Nokia S60 handsets:

iPhone users will also be able to watch silverlight video content thanks to the IIS’s real-time Silverlight to MP4 de-muxing functionality.

Source: Channel9

Twin Blades iPhone and Xbox Live Arcade game will be ported to Windows Phone 7

iPhone version

Twin Blades is currently available as an Xbox Live arcade game and on the iPhone, coming this fall the zombie beat-em-up game will also be present on the Windows Phone 7 according to the developers. I don’t want to be a party pooper but.. there’s one important thing to note: all the media (screeshots/videos) seen on the web is from the iPhone or XBL versions (yeah even the one with the added WP7 logo at the end..). Presse-start-studio has just “announced” that the game is coming to Windows Phone 7 nothing more. UPDATE: Check out my hands-on video with the game!
Here’s the orignal video (iPhone & XBL trailer):


HP kills off the HP Slate?

File this in the rumor category and grab some salt..According to sources close to the matter, HP is about to cancel the much hyped Windows 7 Slate Tablet PC. Now this might seem a little far fetched given that the project is probably in its final stage before commercialization but after all that’s happen since yesterday (HTC paying MS for using Android, HP buying Palm, Microsoft canceling the Courier..) everything seems possible. If (big IF) this turns out to be true then my feeling that the decision to cancel the Courier Project yesterday is connected and motivated by HP’s acquisition of Palm is re-inforced. Let’s all wait and see for now…

Source: Techcrunch

HP reevaluating Windows Phone 7 after Palm acquisition

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody given yesterday’s news; in an interview with CNN, HP‘s strategy chief Shane Robison said that he’s still unsure if the company still has plans to ship / build Windows Phone 7 products:

What does this say about any plans that you may or may not have to use Windows Phone 7? Will webOS be your exclusive mobile platform, or will you also use Microsoft. At one point, Palm was using both its own OS and Microsoft’s.

We’re going to have to sort through all that over the coming months. We’re very, very serious partners with Microsoft. We hope to continue to be their biggest customer. And in this particular space, which is a small segment for us, we’ve got to work with them to figure out exactly what the roadmap looks like.

Frankly now that have WebOS (once the deal is done obviously), I don’t see any reason for them to have Windows Phone 7 products.

Source: CNN