Monet, Van Gogh & Cézanne gallery ported to Windows Phone 7 in less than 2 hours!

I posted about neat looking gallery using the Metro UI and developed in Silverlight by Microsoft nearly 2 weeks ago and wondered how long it would take to port it to Windows Phone 7 now that the mobile OS fully supports SL and DeepZoom. Well, Ronnie Saurenmann, from Microsoft Switzerland, was kind enough to mail me out of the blue today and tell me that he successfully ported his gallery to Windows Phone 7 in 1 hour and a half! According to him the port actually took only 30 minutes but he had to ad the app bar, back navigation function and some performance tweaks (the app is faster/smoother than in the video) so the total time spent on it was finally around 1 hour and a half (90% of the code is shared between both versions). I think that this really speaks volume on how Microsoft has really a leg up the competition when it comes to application development now that they are finally integrating all their latest technology and services into one powerful package. You can check out the original desktop application here. Below is a video of the WP7 version on the CTP emulator:

T-Mobile MyTouch Slide delayed until early June?

According to Brighthand the still unannounced T-Mobile myTouch  Slide Android handset is finally going to debut in early-June rather than May. Nothing is said about the causes of the delay but I wouldn’t be surprised if T-Mobile is trying to adjust the released date depending on what the competitors are planning. The myTouch Slide isn’t going to be a super high-end Android device which means that marketing will be a bit tricky especially with the HTC EVO 4G and upcoming iPhone media blitz this summer.

Source: Brighthand via Pocketnow

Google Nexus One no longer coming to Verizon. Buy an HTC Droid Incredible instead

Why is anybody surprised here? Doesn’t it make sense that Verizon is no longer going to carry the Nexus One now that the HTC Droid Incredible is out? According to previous whispers the Nexus One was supposed to launch on back in March but the date passed with no sign of the handset coming out. On the other hand the HTC Droid Incredible is now officially launch on Verizon at the end of the week and is more feature rich than the Nexus On (8Mpix camera and 8Gb of internal Memory plus HTC’s Sense UI). Why would anybody want a Nexus One on Verizon now?

Source: Google  via Engadget 

Porting Comcast Xfinity iPhone application to Windows Phone 7

Clarity Consulting has just posted new article centered around a conceptual portage of the Comcast’s Xfitiny iPhone application to  Windows Phone 7:

For many companies the first foray into Windows Phone 7 (WP7) may be in porting their existing mobile apps. It is tempting to simply transfer existing functionality, avoiding the additional design costs. Readdressing business needs and taking advantage of the WP7 platform can reduce cost and is essential to a successful re-launch. To better understand the advantage of new development lets examine a conceptual upgrade of Comcast’s existing mobile app.

This project clearly highlights the fact that the Metro UI seems perfectly suited for media rich application specificaly tailored for mobile handsets. The need for endless pages of icons is thing of the past.

Source: Clarity Consulting

LG C900: LG’s first Windows Phone 7 phone?

An interesting UA profile has just popped up on LG‘s server lately and if you take a closer look at it seems to indicate that the phone described in their is probably LG’s first Windows Phone 7 handset, the LG Panther, that we have seen unveiled by Engadget a couple weeks ago and shown in action several times since then. LG C900 has 3 soft keys (Back,Home, Search?) and 32bits WVGA (800×480) display, but is said to have a phone keypad (instead of keyboard) so there is a strong possibility that this C900 could be another unannounced WP7 handset. The Browser UA also confirms that it is a Windows Phone 7 handset:

Check out the XML UA here

Update: there’s also an LG E900 Windows Phone 7 handset user agent here

How to install Android on the iPhone

Still wondering how to install Android on the iPhone? Well, a detailed guide is now available if you plan to try Google’s OS on your trusty old 1st generation iPhone (iPhone 2G). The trick is to basically load of the Android files on the iPhone via a file explorer (iPhone Explorer), run Ubuntu in a Virtual Machine or you PC or Mac to install Openibot on the handset. Check out the video below for  a step-by-step procedure:

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