Dell Lightning Windows Phone 7 Super Smartphone leaks

Wow, this came out of nowhere. Engadget just got the hands on some internal slides of Dell’s upcoming Windows Phone 7 handset: the Dell Lightning. The lighting features a portrait sliding qwerty keyboard, a 4.1″ OLED screen, 1G Rom of internal Flash, 512Mb of Ram and 8Gb of storage on a Micro-SD (weird given that micro-sd aren’t supposedly allowed on Windows Phone 7..). A Qualcomm Snapdragon clocked at 1ghz is also on board. Check out the slides for the rest of the info. The device is expected to launch in Q4 2011 with full flash/silverlight support in the browser (this info is definitely old/wrong). As you can see the Bing application shown in the slides is actually the iPhone version, also it’s actually the Zune HD interface you see there and the OS is still called Windows Mobile 7 instead of Windows Phone 7, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the slides were a couple of months old (dating before WP7′s announcement at MWC10 in Feb 2010).

Source: Engadget