Windows Phone 7 interview


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ZDnet UK scooped a video interview with Microsoft’s head of development for Windows Phone 7, Charlie Kindel who is currently touring Europe to promote and evangelize WP7. There isn’t much news in there, Charlie once againconfirms that some scenarios/features won’t be enabled at first (in the first release) like enterprise scenarios etc…


Is Apple’s next-gen iPhone 4G Sony’s DSC-T2 little cousin?

I must admit that I’m probably in the minority here because I sort of love the design of the leaked next-gen iPhone 4g prototype. But the first thing that came to mind when I saw the pictures was a sense of deja-vue. Yup! That prototype’s design looks strangely similar to one of my digital cameras,  the Sony DSC-T2. It isn’t the first time Apple takes some design cues from Sony (remember the keyboards that first appear on Sony’s Vaios…) so I find it interesting that the Japanese company is still a source of inspiration for the big Apple. Take a look at the pictures to see for yourself, notice the rounded buttons, metallic frame (it’s actually plastic on the T2) etc…

Are Toshiba & Compal building the Microsoft Courier?

According to Digitimes Compal was contracted by Toshiba to manufacture an nVidia Tegra2 Windows CE 7 based dual-screen Tablet expected to ship in 2011.What is interesting is that these specs line up with the latest rumors about Microsoft’s Courier project (NYTimes claims that a source told them that it’s scheduled for 2011). It is also worth noting that Toshiba has always been close to Microsoft in the past (they build the Orignial Zune players). There’s one thing that doesn’t ad up if we assume that it is indeed the Courier: Why would Microsoft need Toshiba? They could directly contract Compal to build the device.

Source: Digitimes