Multi-Touch / Dual-Touch SDK for Resistive touchscreens released

Some call it Multi-Touch others Dual-Touch one thing is for sure though: Testers are needed. Anaadoul over at XDA-Devs has posted the Beta release of his Dua-Touch SDK for resistive touchscreens (only Windows Mobilehandsets). One important thing to note is that this isn’t really multi-touch it is sort of simulating the same function on a resistive panel.

In December last year, i posted an Alpha version of this SDK. Now it is mature enough to announce it as Beta. This SDK allows developers to build Dual-Touch enabled applications. so let’s get into action.

•Pinch to Zoom Support
•Drag (swipe) support.
•Replacement events for the mouse move fires only when a single finger detected.
•Multiple events based on gestures.
•Performance optimized, memory footprint is minimal.

You can grab the SDK here, and follow the discussion thread here

Source: XDA-Devs