OpenZDK lets you develop and install homebrew applications for the Zune HD

OpenZDK has just been released and enables developers to develop homebrew applications/games for the Zune HD and original Zune players. Basically what that means is that the original Zune players and the Zune HD have finally been hacked to make it possible to easly install homebrew application developed in XNA Game Studios 3.1:

This makes it possible to, for the first time, run applications directly on top of the Zune firmware, with full access to everything XNA withheld before.[...]This initial release of OpenZDK is primarily intended to give developers a starting point for building next-generation applications. However, we have published an OpenZDK Quick Start Kit that includes example programs that you can try right now, including a 3D demo that offers a small taste of what hardware-accelerated 3D graphics have to offer.

First you will have to install VS2008 Express edition -> install XNA Game Studio 3.1 & XNA Game Studio 3.1 Zune Extensions -> Adding your Zune to Device Center & Running the Exploit Deployment Tool. Head over to the Wiki page for detailed instructions. Here’s a link to the download page.

Source: ZuneBoards

Clarity Comic Book reader for Windows Phone 7 demonstrated, more apps in the works

Here’s a video of a newly developed Comic Book reader from Clarity Consulting for Windows Phone 7 (it looks a whole lot like the reader we saw at MIX10, so I wouldn’t be surprised is Clarity Consulting was behind the two apps) and use Silverlight & DeepZoom. The demo is obviously being run on a touchscreen enabled PC using the WP7 Emulator. Clarity seems to be also working on a couple of other apps like Hulu:

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HTC HD Mini camera quality and samples

Thanks to its fairly good sensor the 5 Mpix camera (w/autofocus) of the HTC HD Mini takes reasonably good pictures as you can se above (sorry I had to re-size them for bandwidth reasons). All shots were taken in Auto mode and SuperFine sharpness. Interior shots came out correct if you manually set the ISO to 100 and as you can see macro shots are just awesome. The Auto-Focus speed is the fastest I have ever experienced on mobile phone (and even real point & shoot cameras) the HD2 is a dog compared to the HD Mini (but it doesn’t have a flash). Last but not least, the HTC HD Mini doesn’t seem suffer from the infamous pink spot/hue like the HTC HD2 (will have to check it out tho..). Check out the Hardware tour and Software tour.